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design that sets you on the right path.

At Flag 5, We believe that everyone is creative. That’s why we want to include you in the adventure of designing your project. In the end, you’ll be provided with a visual direction that sets you apart. Our five-step action plan keeps the project on on track to make it to the final destination.

the process.

Our Task: We start researching and brainstorming. We investigate multiple concepts and then prepare an initial visual direction to present to you.

Your Task: You meet with us to review the visual direction. Once we receive approval from you, we’ll move forward.

Our Task: It’s time to pull out our coloured markers, scissors, and glue! We sketch concepts, problem-solve, and narrow down ideas to ensure every element has purpose.

Your Task: Sit back and relax! We’ll contact you soon.

Our Task: We take the strongest concepts and make them digital, adjust graphics and images, and select appropriate typography. If your project includes printed material, we create prototypes to test the layout and flow of what we’re making for you.

Your Task: You give us feedback on the ideas we show you and decide the concept you want us to run with.

Our Task: We polish the approved direction, working closely with you.

Your Task: You receive proofs online or by meeting with us in person (it’s up to you), and give us your final approval. From there, we’ll set off to put your final package together.

Our Task: We prepare the final files for you and send artwork to print (if applicable).

Your Task: Once you receive your files and/or printed materials, you’re ready to launch your project to the world! 

ongoing support

Please stay in touch. I’m always here to answer any questions or give you additional brand and technical support. Your files are always kept on hand, and, overall, I just love hearing how your business is doing. So don’t be a stranger!